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High speed serial port cards:

bulletWe carry a wide range of high-speed serial cards ranging from 1 serial port to 8 serial ports.
bulletAll of our cards support speeds up to at least 460,800 bps, and some of our serial ports support up to 921,600 bps.
bulletWe offer ISA-bus and PCI-bus serial cards.
bulletAll of our PCI-bus cards and our ISA-bus cards with 4 or more serial ports have the ability to share IRQs. This allows you to add many serial ports to your computer and only take up 1 IRQ. You can still use the serial ports at the same time.
bulletMany of our serial port cards come with 16950 UARTs with a large 128-byte FIFO/buffer to assure no data loss.
bulletAny of our serial ports with 16650, 16750 or 16950 UARTs will work great for ISDN terminal adapters.
bulletWe offer serial/parallel port combination cards as well.
bulletWe offer both regular and low-profile PCI-bus cards. The low-profile cards are another recent addition to our line.  (low profile cards are cards which have a shorter angle bracket for use in certain systems that require a shorter card.)

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