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Item code: SBT-UPPC

USB to Parallel Adapter Cable (6 feet)


The USB parallel adapter cable is constructed to meet all the USB to IEEE 1284 specification requirements. This product is essentially a flexiable cable that utilizes hardware and software to provide intelligent and transparent protocol conversion between Universal Serial Bus (USB) on the PC side and IEEE 1284 parallel on the printer side. It will allow any Windows computer with a USB port to print to nearly any parallel printer. (Please note that the printer needs to have a standard IEEE 1284 connector (also known as a 1284B connector). It will not work with 1284C connectors (the subminiature sized ones). Most printers have the 1284B connectors. Also, it will not work with non-printer type parallel devices.)

If you aren't sure if your printer has a standard IEEE 1284 connector (1284B), here is some information to help you determine it. Many printers that have a IEEE 1284B connector are listed below. If your printer isn't listed, please verify that it has a 1284B connector type before ordering. To help you determine if you have a 1284B or 1284C connector, the length of the 1284B connector is 1 7/8 inches long. Here is the list of printers which we know have the 1284B connection and are compatible with this adapter:

HP DeskJet Models - 420, 500C, 520C, 670C, 692C, 695C, 710C, 750, 850C, 870C, 890C, 895, 1100C, 1120C

HP LaserJet Models - III P, 4, 4 PLUS, 4P, 4L, 4V, 5, 5P, 5L, 5M, 6P, 6L, 2000c, 2100M, 4000, 5000 (Please note: It has been reported that some of the 4L printers have a 1284B connector and some have a 1284C connector. If you have a 4L, please ensure that the connector on your printer measures 1 7/8" across before placing your order.)

Cannon BJC Models - BJC-30, BJC-70, BJC-80, BJC-200, BJC-200eX, BJC-210, BJC-210SP, BJC-230, BJC-240, BJC-250, BJC-255sp, BJC-4000, BJC-4100, BJC-4200sp, BJC-4300, BJC-4650, BJC-6000, BJC-7000

Epson Models - Stylus Color 300, Stylus Color 400, Stylus Color 440, Stylus Color 600, Stylus Color 740, Stylus Color 800, Stylus Color 850, Stylus Photo 700, Stylus Photo EX, PM-700C, PM-750C, PM-2000C, EPL-N1600

Lexmark Models - XJ-350, 1100... Not compatible with the Lexmark Z11.

Panasonic Model - KX-1121

NOTE: USB to Parallel Cables will only work with printers, and not other types of parallel devices, as they map in as "USB Printing Support", not as a true parallel port. If you need a true parallel port, please look at our PCMCIA Parallel Cards, our Parallel Expresscards or our PCI-bus Parallel cards (some notebook computers use PCMCIA cards, and some use ExpressCards. Most desktop computers use PCI-bus cards or PCIe cards.)


  • Fully compliant with USB Specification Revision 1.1 (also works fine on USB 2.0 ports).
  • Fully plug & play compatible.
  • IEEE 1284 interface supports bi-directional communication.
  • Supports suspend / normal mode power management.
  • Cable length is 6 feet)
  • Provides a 1284B centronics connection.
  • Compatible with Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/VISTA/7/8/10/MAC. (Windows 98 drivers is included on an included CD-ROM disc.)
  • Provides faster downloads to your printer since the USB interface provides 12 Mbps versus only 150Kbps speeds through a standard parallel port.

    Instructions for setting up your printer to use this cable under Windows ME and later:

    Once plugged in, cable will map in as USB Printing Support under USB001, or USB002, etc. After plugging in the cable and connecting your printer, under the Control Panel in Windows, select "Devices and Printers" or "Printers & Faxes" (depending on version of Windows) and then select to Add a Printer and follow the on-screen instructions. If the printer is already installed on the system, bring up the Control Panel, go to "Devices and Printers" or "Printers & Faxes" and bring up the Printer Properties for the printer you are installing by right clicking on it and selecting "Printer Properties". Click on the "Ports" tab, and select the highest numbered USB port you see listed (such as USB002) and click the 'Apply' button. Then, under the General tab, select to print a test page to verify that everything is working properly. If it does not print, please make sure that the power to the printer is on, the printer is in an on-line mode, and that the printer is on-line in Windows. If everything seems correct, please try rebooting.

    Using on a MAC computer:

    To use this adapter on a MAC computer, you will need to download and use the Gimp-Print drivers. We do not provide support for these drivers as they are developed by a 3rd party. They can be downloaded here:

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  • USB printer cable

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