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USB To Serial Port Converters

One of the common complaints that computer users have is that their expansion devices outnumber the number of available ports on their computer. This discrepancy necessitates a tedious amount of switching and scrambling between different devices. An easy way to bypass this kind of insufficiency, however, is simply to equip your computer with an expansion card or device that will increase the number of ports that it has.

These expansion devices come in many different shapes and sizes. One of the most popular types converts a regular USB port into a variety of different serial ports. This is often a very useful trade, since many of the high-powered devices on the market today, such as PDAs, digital cameras, and modems, use serial ports.

At Byte Runner Technologies, we provide expansion devices that can provide one, two, four, eight, or even sixteen different serial ports--all from a single USB port. These cards are easy to install, and very quick with bps rates exceeding serial ports that might be pre-installed in a personal computer. While a regular built in serial port would typically top out at 115,200 bps, our USB to serial adapters top out at 230,400 bps or 921,600 bps depending on the model. Their full modem signal support, high port speed, and COM port installation ensure that they will mesh invisibly with your existing technology.

Byte Runner Technologies also offers a variety of other expansion devices and computer cards, including firewire cards, infrared adaptors, and ATA controller cards. Our prices on each of these items are very low--and we provide technical support to those customers who need it, at no extra charge. If your order is received before 5:00 EST, your product will even be shipped out on that very same day.

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